Take Back Your Independence

Struggling with Advanced Macular Degeneration (AMD)?

OcuLenz was made for you. This easy-to-use Augmented Reality headset helps you see clearly and live independently.

Hear from OcuLenz users.

Watch this exit interview with Mary, who was able to read and see her grandchildren during an OcuLenz clinical assessment.

What is OcuLenz?

OcuLenz is a wearable headset that locates your blind spot, then moves images and text away from areas of your blindspot, allowing you to see normally.

Say goodbye to the limitations that AMD imposes, and embrace a life of clarity, independence, and renewed connections.

OcuLenz is your gateway to a world where AMD no longer restricts your daily life.

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Doctors and OcuLenz

Are you an Ophthalmologist or Optometrist currently treating individuals with late-stage AMD?

OcuLenz isn't just a breakthrough for patients – it's a revolutionary tool for eye doctors as well. Learn how OcuLenz keeps you up-to-date with disease progression through our in-home patient monitoring.

How is OcuLenz Unique?

Have you or someone you love tried a low-vision headset in the past and been unimpressed?

Compared to other headsets, OcuLenz is like moving from analog to digital. More than just another device, this is a portal to independence. OcuLenz’s unique capabilities are unlike anything you’ve seen before:

Feather icon

Lightweight, balanced, and comfortable design

Resolution icon

5K highest resolution, better than most TVs

User icon

Effortless control, user-friendly, quick to learn

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Fast Visual Test identifies where blind spot is located

Eye icon

Software moves text and images outside the area of the blind spot

Doctor icon

Virtual monitoring of disease progression by your doctor

Take Back Your Independence

  • See faces of your loved ones
  • Read books, e-books, newspapers, pill bottles, and recipes
  • Watch TV and movies
  • And more…
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OcuLenz Patient Clinical Assessment

Several ophthalmologists conducted clinical assessments using the OcuLenz from 2018 to 2023.

Individuals who had not read in years were able to read entire paragraphs while wearing the OcuLenz headset. There were nearly always tears in the testing room when people were able to see the faces of their wives, husbands, children, and grandchildren.

OcuLenz doesn't erase the scotoma, but it moves text and images outside the area of the blind spot and onto areas of healthy vision, making reading and recognizing faces easier than ever before.

Independence For The Whole Family

When individuals with AMD regain their independence, the load is lightened for caregivers and loved ones.

The tasks that once required constant aid and supervision can now be managed with newfound confidence.

OcuLenz alleviates caretaker burnout and allows our loved ones to enjoy time spent with one another.

Experience the relief of regaining control over your life.

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